Shinichi Takano



SHINICHI TAKANO graduated from School of Law, WASEDA University (LL.B, 1999), and Graduate School of Law, WASEDA University (MA. In Law, 2003), Keio Law School, Keio University (J.D, 2009), and Southampton Law School, University of Southampton (LL.M in Maritime Law, 2021). He was qualified as a lawyer in 2010 and a marine counselor in 2011. His practice covers from cargo claims, charterparty disputes, aviation claims, domestic transport claims, maritime insurance claims, and other maritime matters in negotiation, litigation, and arbitration.


Shinichi Takano 'Fundamental framework of contracts for carriage of goods' (2022) 73(6) LIBERTY & JUSTICE 13

‘Functions of bailment in cargo claims under English law’ 256 KAIJIHO KENKYU KAISHI 20 (2022)