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What's New

  • 2019/3/26
 Masahiro Amemiya gave a lecture on the theme of "Outline of Goods Transportation law and the Maritime Commerce law  under the Revised Commercial Code" at the JFBA Live Business Training.
  • 2019/3
 Masahiro Amemiya lectured at the seminar on “Bill of Lading’s Practice” at the Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
  • 2019/3/9
 Masahiro Amemiya, Takashi Hakoi and Masayuki Sakae presented the following at the Japan-China Maritime Law 
   Public Symposium held by the Institute of Maritime Law (Waseda University Research Institute).

  Chair: Masahiro Amemiya

  Theme: Revision of the China Maritime Commerce Law
  Reporter: Beiping Chu (Professor and Dean of Dalian Maritime University)
  Moderator: Takashi Hakoi

  Theme: Recognition and Execution of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in China
  Reporter: Chinghua Zhou (Professor of Dalian Maritime University)
  Moderator: Masayuki Sakae
  • 2019/2
 Masahiro Amemiya lectured at the seminar on “Basic Bill of Ladings” at the Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
  • 2019/2/1
 Article published in the February issue of Kaijiho-Kenkyukaishi (No. 242):
Masahiro Amemiya = Li Gang (Chinese Lawyer) = Fang Yi (Chinese Lawyer) 
"Issues related to the bankruptcy of shipping companies in China"
  • 2018/12/27

       Masahiro Amemiya was appointed as the chair of "Review Committee on Standard Conditions of Carriage and
       Standard Conditions of Coastal Carriage" which has been organized by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport
       and Tourism.  
  • 2018/12/25
 Takashi Hakoi gave a lecture on the theme of "Succession, Development, and Revision of the Japanese Maritime
 Commerce Law (Focusing on the definition of maritime transport and the scope of application of the Maritime
 Commerce Law)" at the Law School of Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou, China).
  • 2018/10/29
 Masahiro Amemiya gave a presentation about "Reform of Commercial Code (Transport Law) in Japan" 
   at the 9th International Conference on Maritime Law of the China Maritime Law Association.
  • 2018/10/15
 Masahiro Amemiya gave a presentation about "the right of consignee" at the mini symposium of the 68th annual 
   meeting of the Maritime Law Association of Japan.
  • 2018/10/1
 Article published in the October issue of Jurist featuring "revision of commercial code (transportation and 
 maritime commerce) etc.":
Takashi Hakoi "Maritime Commerce (Vessel, Collision, Salvage, Maritime Lien etc.)"
  • 2018/9/21
 Takashi Hakoi was appointed as Senior Dean of the Faculty of Law and Dean of the School of Law, Waseda 
  • 2018/7/20 
 Takashi Hakoi, Basic Lecture on Maritime Law 3rd Ed., 2018 was published.
  • 2018/7/10
   Masahiro Amemiya was appointed as the chair of “Documentary Subcommittee of amendments to 
 Standard Contract Forms for coastal carriage with the revision of Commercial Code (Transportation and 
 Martime law) which has been organized by Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
  • 2018/6/29 
 Masahiro Amemiya was appointed as the councilor of Japanese Maritime Law Association.
  • 2018/5/18  
 Revision of Commercial Code (transportation and maritime law) and International Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 
 was enacted. (Masahiro Amemiya and Takashi Hakoi had participated in the discussions on the revision 
 as a secretary of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice.)
  • 2018/3/1 
 Articles published in the March issue of Horitsujiho featuring “transportation and maritime law amendment 
 – examination of theoretical and practical aspects”:
Masahiro Amemiya “Practical examination on shipper’s obligations”
Takashi Hakoi “Theoretical examination on carrier’s responsibilities”
  • 2018/2-3
 Lecture on “Controversial topics on Bill of Lading’s Basic and Practice” by Masahiro Amemiya 
 at the Japan Shipping Exchange. Inc.

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