About Us

In January 2018, Amemiya Law Office was founded in Hanzomon, Tokyo, Japan.

Amemiya Law Office has been established in order to realize provisions of legal services for clients, giving top priority to clients’ satisfaction. Due consideration to clients’ intentions is given based on our extensive experience in international transactions primarily maritime law and aviation law, insolvency law, corporate law, litigation, and arbitration.

Maritime law, just one of the specialized fields of Amemiya Law Office, requires each lawyer to have detailed knowledge and a complete understanding in addition to the ability to interface with foreign law firms in relation to governing laws and relevant jurisdictions. Furthermore, it is essential to cooperate with maritime counselors who have expert knowledge of vessels to deal with the cases like aground and collision of vessels.

Amemiya Law Office aims to provide clients with legal services which are comprehensive, speedy, and exceptional by cooperating with foreign law firms and maritime counselors along with taking advantage of our broad experience in maritime cases.  Our firm’s repertoire includes but is not limited to contracts and disputes in relation to carriage of goods by sea, aviation, land and multimodal transport, maritime contract cases such as charter party, agency agreements, ship sales, shipbuilding contracts, marine casualties such as collisions, fire, salvage, oil pollution, marine insurance cases, litigation procedures such as ship arrest, release, limitation proceedings, bankruptcy of marine related companies.

Amemiya Law Office would like to develop as a professional group of lawyers who provide clients with legal services with speed and expertise, giving priority to building a foundation of trust and reliability while at the same time be progressing with clients.