Masayuki Sakae



He received his LL.B. from the University of Chuo and subsequently received his LL.M from the University of Waseda.

He was qualified as a lawyer in 2004 ; a marine counselor in 2018. He was also seconded to maritime law firm in London in 2017.

He specialises in dispute resolution with a particular focus on shipping, domestic restructuring and insolvency, commercial real estate transactions and company law matters.

Major Publications

Q&A:Collecting Claims and Dealing Bankruptcy after the Earthquake (Co-author and editor,DOJIMA Law Office), SHOJIHOMU, 2011
New SEIRIN Legal Counseling Series No.25, Legal Counseling on Business Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy (Co-author, co-edited by Yasuyuki Nakai), SEIRIN SHOIN, 2010
Preservation & Collection of Claims Points to Acquire and Execute Mortgages(Co-author and editor,Yasuyuki Nakai,DOJIMA Law Office), SHOJIHOMU, 2008